Ino (ino_renji) wrote,


Muse were at my Graduation! :O

So yeah, I graduated. Now I'm stuck at a job where I know bugger all, and I know everyday is going to be an up-hill battle, with the enemy raining bullets down on me and all I have to wield is a spatula. Why do you do it, you ask. I was 'encouraged' rather fervantly to take this job, and ok, it does pay nicely and looks good on a CV. But it really does nothing for my post-Uni mental squalor. I have to get on with doing the things I want to do in order for me to not have to ring people up everyday, asking the insane question: "May I ask what your mortgage situation currently is?" I must sound like I'm totally down, but I'm not. Only for 8 hours every day. ^^ All I need to do is think of all the STUFF I got from Japan, and the fact that I've dragged myself out of my over-draft after 3 years.

Me and Sarah have been assembling our Eyeshield 21 cosplays. X3 Hut hut hut!
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