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Pictures ahoy! They weren't compulsory, but I think visual aides never hurt. *goes back to playing Eternal Sonata*

(Your five favorite female characters.)

➀ Yamanaka Ino (Naruto) Well, who doesn't know that? Ino is a perfect anti-Sakura. She is the perfect bitch. <3 (See icon.)
➁ Hiiragi Kagami (Lucky Star) Kagamiiiiiiiiin~ I think I'd still like her if she was a boy. I just love the way she's the 'straight-man' of the series ... XD I love her hair too :3 Photobucket
➂ Oscar François de Jarjayes (The Rose of Versailles) Doesn't sound like a girly name, does it? She isn't girly. She's kick-ass and a brilliant role-model. Lady Oscar, why can't I be yoooou??? Photobucket
➃ Kanzaki Sumire (Sakura Taisen) Another bitchy character, but the great thing is she's still not a baddie - plus she has such a hilarious relationship with Kanna. The ultimate diva. ^-^ Photobucket
➄ Miura Haru (Katekyo Hitman Reborn) It was a toss-up between Haru and Asuka from Evangelion, but I thought that would be just one too many bitches. XDD Haru is a rare anime girl (ISH). She's goofy AND stupid, and she's fabulous~

(↑ Who do you like the most?)

✪ Ino.

(Your five favorite male characters.)
Oh GOD, this was hard to narrow down, but this is the ULTIMATE TOP FIVE.

➀ Vegeta (Dragon Ball Z) Oh Bejita-sama, how do you do it. Vegeta is the pinnicle of Princely-dom, and therefore, he's right up my street. He's been at the top since I was, what ... fifteen? Fourteen? A looooong time. XD
➁ Roronoa Zoro (One Piece) Who is hotter than Zoro? NO ONE. Zoro is my perfect anime character. He's the serious kick-ass one, the one who takes the flack with a frown. But he's also extraordinarily stupid, which makes him absolutely irresistable. <3 <3
➂ Amuro Ray (Gundam 0079) Wait, he's not in JUMP??? That can't be right. But it IS. I actually don't know why I love Amuro so much, but it might be a little to do with his dorky 70s hairdo.
➃ Kawachi Kyosuke (Yakitate!! Japan) I think I identify with Kawachi more than any other character. He's a mediocre bread-maker, who will do pretty well in life but will never really stand out - unless he does something utterly ridiculous, when he stands out for all the wrong reasons. XDDD In fact, he's so mediocre that I can't find any bigger, better pictures than this.
➄ Kondo Isao (Gintama) Ok, Katsura is kinda really my favourite character from Gintama, but when Kondo is around I just can't ignore him. He's responsible for making me weep both by laughing and by being utterly tragic. I wish he was my Commander!! <3

(↑ Who do you like the most?)

✪ ... I can't decide between Zoro and Vegeta. T_T

(Your three favorite games.)

➀ Final Fantasy VII (damn, so predictable.)
➁ Valkyrie Profile (ah ha! Not so predictable. This game is godly in every way.)
➂ Warriors Orochi (because it combines DW and SW <3 <3 <3 and it takes a loooooong time to totally complete.)

Other contenders would be Tetris (8D), Grandia, Golden Sun 2, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Streets of Rage (HOOO YEAH).

◆Your favorite anime seiyuu?)

It has to be Kazuya Nakai, i.e. Zoro, Hijikata, Mugen, Wakka, Doumeki ...

(Your favorite anison [anime song]?)

➀ This changes on a daily basis. Seriously. :( At the moment, I'm listening a lot to Donten (Gintama), Never Die (Slayers Excellent), and I adore Sailor Team no Theme (Sailor Moon).
Donten =
Never Die =
Sailor Team no Theme =

(Do you cosplay? Or, what kind of cosplay would you like to do?)
What would I like to do?? Lots of cosplay. :/ Next year, I have a few in the pipeline.

✪ Vegeta (Dragon Ball Z)
✪ Tachikawa Mimi (Digimon Adventure)

(What is something you would want to have in reality from anime/manga/games??)

✪ I want a catch-phrase which people love me for.
✪ I want to have FIGHTING SPIRIT (but without the huge eyebrows).
✪ I want to be able to fix any comedy ailment with a plaster.
✪ I want to be able to go from normal to chibi to normal in a matter of a few seconds.
✪ I want my own opening and ending themes.
✪ I want to have a secret ninja identity. >D

(What makes you feel "MOE" the most?)

✪ When a really fugly (anime) guy cries.
✪ The sound Chopper makes when he walks around.
✪ Tsundere characters are pretty moe. XD

DO IT! Do this meme. :3
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