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"Everyone is an escapee of a prison called 'myself'."

Today is DAY ONE. This has been drilled into us for weeks now. Day One is the first day of Lloyds Banking Group, which we are now a part of (we being C&G). We spent a good few minutes chuckling over image of all the executives sharing a laugh in a purposefully black-and-white photograph. Anything to make themselves look more exciting!

Songs of the day included 'The Sun Always Shines On TV' and 'Footprints In The Sand'. Right near the end of the day, a bloke came in and wanted to see someone about his mortgage. Colin, the mortgage advisor, wasn't it and Mel was busy with other customers. So this bloke perched himself on a chair and waited, but not before demanding some reading material. So, perhaps in an act of spite, Sam produced a copy of News of the World. The man sniffed, put on a smirk and said,
"Well well, this paper doesn't care who's running the country, just about the size of women's breasts."
Well, you all know me. I was outraged. In front of other customers as well! Sam laughed nervously, and the man then turned to me expecting an amused reaction no doubt.
"Heh." I said, and carried on reading about how to reprocess mortgages. The man proceeded to make a xenophobic remark whilst one of our Polish regulars was in the branch (he's a lovely old guy, too), and then run into the office as soon as Mel's appointment was over. I was half an hour late out of work due to this idiot. We all spent the time glaring at his back through the glass of the office.

To use a familiar expression of mine, he was well annoying.

So now I'm back at home, waiting with glee til tomorrow when two more volumes of Eyeshield 21 will be delievered to my door! I so much prefer reading manga in book form. Plus the covers are pretty.
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