Ino (ino_renji) wrote,

"Burning a perm doesn't change it."

Somebody has given me a somewhat naaaaasty cold! My only consolation is that I have a precious half-day at work tomorrow ... those are the days I live for, seriously.

But yeah, for Christmas I was given Little Big Planet, Alan Carr's autobiography, Sleeping Beauty DVD and an array of highly girly items. All of which have been extremely useful, even if they simply alleviate BOREDOM. XD I hope everyone had a nice Christmas like I did. ^-^

Today, me and Sam went through a good few songs; China In Your Hand; Dancing On The Ceiling; Spirit In The Sky; some Mel C song; Pure And Simple; Perfect Day; another Lou Reed song; etc. Yes, we seem to both have a knack for retaining pointless song lyrics. XD Poor Mel, our manager, has to endure this nearly every day. She's a saint.

I have read through Mike and Jess's 2008 recollections, but I don't really feel the need to do so myself. What has happened other than leaving Uni and getting a job? Not a lot. I feel that, if I have to pigeon-hole it, it has been a year of realisation. Things just aren't going to be the same. I do believe that BAC as it once was is no more. Of course, people have always come and gone, but the vibe is no longer there. Ack, I'd better go before the cold shakes produce major typos. XDDD
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