Ino (ino_renji) wrote,

"A Goukon Is The Most Entertaining Before It Starts."

Gintama. Yeah, I'm going on a long overdue binge of that particular series after concentrating on Soul Eater (largely) and Gundam 00 (mildly). The anime is apparantly in its final arc, and the manga has had apocalytic tones for a while now. Of course, I'll be devastated, but at least it won't become like the filler whores that it expertly parodies. :3

Of course, the PS3 takes up a lot of my time now! Valkyria Chronicles is a gem~ Fallout 3 is enjoyable and different, but I'm crap at it. XD I'm also trying to level up so I can compete in the final boss battles of Crisis Core, as well as leveling up in both FF Tactics and FFIII. It seems like in every game I'm playing I need to level up at this moment in time! I find alternating works well.

Me and Sam (my colleague) always seem to find a 'Song of the Day'. We speak-sing a line at a time when there aren't any customers around. I'm coping at work now, and I think we're a good team because we're all totally different. The only way up in this career-path is to become a Branch Manager (I don't think I could manage anyone!) or a Mortgage Advisor (just no) - I think I shall look for something else in six months time. C&G will take nearly a year of my life from me, but it could definately be worse. It could be Northern Rock!

Heeeelp, I'm behind on my Christmas shopping! It's so hard to be motivated to do it. Sorry for the uninspiring gifts this year, I'll try better next time! I think I'll start in October ...

Website that made me happy today:
It's a Shinsengumi game for the PS2. I made a beeline for Yamazaki - he's cute, but I think they had his Peacemaker design in mind ... XD I empathise with his short eyebrows symdrome. Here he is:


I'll stop taking up precious Friends Page space now XP
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