Ino (ino_renji) wrote,

"They say that adding soy sauce to pudding gives the taste of sea urchin, but really ...

... adding soy sauce to pudding only gives the taste of soy sauce and pudding."

Taken from Dan~

Rules of the game:

- Choose a singer/band/group
- Answer using ONLY titles of songs by that singer/band/group


1. Are you male or female?
She Has No Time
2. Describe yourself.
3. What do people feel when they're around you?
Somewhere Only We Know
4. How would you describe your previous relationship?
Put It Behind You
5. Describe your current relationship.
Untitled 1
6. Where would you want to be now?
Nothing In My Way
7. How do you feel about love?
A Bad Dream
8. What's your life like?
Everybody's Changing
9. What would you ask for if you had only one wish?
Crystal Ball
10. Say something wise.
We Might As Well Be Strangers

Lol, was kinda fun. ^_^

Well, tomorrow is my last day at Essilor. I have to say, it's really not been all that bad when I look back on the whole experience. I start at C&G on Monday :S Now that is scary! On the plus side, it's half an hour less work and fifteen minutes more lunchbreak. Oh god, those small things do make a difference. XD
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